So here I will talk about good books to read for kids in 2020

1st: Diary of a wimpy kid books:

A:The deep end.

B:The wrecking ball.

C:Rodrick Rules.

D:The meltdown.

2nd:The adventures of Tintin:

A:Tintin and the picaros.

B:Flight 787 to Sydney.

C:Red Rackham treasure.

D:Land of black gold.

My special recommendations

1.Wimpy kid deep end.

2.Tintin and the picaros.

3.Wimpy kid wrecking ball.

4.Wimpy kid the getaway.

Hope you will read these books and please check my special recommendations and you will love it..



Here our goal is to Ignite the TNT block in Minecraft pi installed in Raspbian

Step-1: Install Minecraft pi.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install Minecraft-pi

Step-3:Open Python.

Then type in this command

import mcpi.minecraft
import time

mc = mcpi.minecraft.Minecraft.create();

while True:
hits =
for hit in hits:
block = mc.getBlockWithData(hit.pos.x, hit.pos.y, hit.pos.z); = ( + 1) & 0xf;
mc.setBlock(hit.pos.x, hit.pos.y, hit.pos.z,,
mc.postToChat("Block data is now " + str(

Step-4: open Minecraft pi.

Type minecraft-pi in the terminal


Save and run the python command

Step-6: igniting the TNT

Right click with the sword and left click to ignite the TNT

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Here our goal is to generate a SSL certificate for the proxy of your website

Step 1: Generate a SSL certificate for the proxy.

We will use openssl to generate a self signed certificate.

sudo mkdir -p /etc/ssl/openDrAppsudo openssl genrsa -out /etc/ssl/openDrApp/openDrApp.key 1024sudo openssl req -new -key /etc/ssl/openDrApp/openDrApp.key -out /etc/ssl/openDrApp/openDrApp.csr#sign
sudo openssl x509 -req -days 365 -in /etc/ssl/openDrApp/openDrApp.csr
-signkey /etc/ssl/openDrApp/openDrApp.key -out /etc/ssl/openDrApp/openDrApp.crt
#key + cert
sudo cat /etc/ssl/openDrApp/openDrApp.crt /etc/ssl/openDrApp/openDrApp.key
sudo tee /etc/ssl/openDrApp/openDrApp.pem

So these were the steps about how you can generate a SSL certificate in a proxy….



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